Athens is famous for many different things. Perhaps you've heard of a few such as our being The Home of the Hamburger and The Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World. Did you know, however, that our town has been influenced by the hands of many famous (and some, infamous) characters? You'll recognize names such as Clint W. Murchison, Sid Richardson, and George W. Bush but folks like Dull Averiette and James Pickney Henderson also touched our town in their own ways. 

In this section, we'll be presenting a view of Athens's history as seen through the eyes of Anne Adams, local historian and contributing writer to the Athens Daily Review. We hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we have!




Issue #1 - How It All Started

Issue #2 - Over The Years At The Courthouse

Issue #3 - What Happened to Mr. Dimmitt?

Issue #4 - Dull Avriett, Athens Pioneer

Issue #5 - Who's James Pinckney Henderson

Issue #6 - Traveling Culture – Chautauqua Comes to Athens

Issue #7 - Magnetic Physician Offers "Metallic Rings"

Issue #8 - Cotton Bales on the Sidewalks and Other 1901 Ordinances

Issue #9 - Alice Goes Shopping in 1930's Athens

Issue #10 - Athens Women Rely on Lydia Pinkham

Issue #11 - Spark Plug Comes to Athens

Issue #12 - The Watkins Home and the Man Behind It

Issue #13 - Snow Problem for Athens in 1949

Issue #14 - Jailbreak! Castleberry and Allsup on the Run!

Issue #15 - Adventures in Editorials

Issue #16- Smokin' on the Back Porch

Issue #17 - Athens in 1884

Issue #18 - Who's Jim Garrett and What are "Fancy Groceries"?

Issue #19 - Catfish on the Flatbed

Issue #20 - Buster Brown Comes to Athens

Issue #21 - Early Memories of Athens

Issue #22 - A Bite to Eat at the B&B Cafe

Issue #23 - Cowboy Royalty Comes to Athens

Issue #24 - A State University in Athens?

Issue #25 - The Robinson Home Now Assists Children

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