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Are YOU connected in the Athens Community?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Are you a new resident of Athens and looking for ways in which to get involved in the community? Perhaps you're a newly retired, long time resident looking to share your time and talents by volunteering? Or, maybe you're looking for a new church to call "home." www.AthensCommunityConnection.com was created with you in mind!

Many Athens' area non-profits are unable to develop a website presence on their own for either financial reasons or due to lack of sufficient staffing. Thanks to the generous support of Steve Grant Real Estate, these organizations will now be represented on a community site and be able to solicit volunteers and promote their activities and events, at no cost to their respective organizations. For those organizations already established on the web, links to existing websites and social media will help to spread their message exponentially.

www.AthensCommunityConnection.com will also feature a roster of Athens churches and service organizations, providing contact information, directional mapping, and links to additional information where applicable.

In today's world, it's often easier for an individual to connect with their favorite causes via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. For this reason, guests to the new site are encouraged to not only subscribe to Athens Community Connection on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but also to tag us whenever there is news in the community about one of our local nonprofits of which we need to be made aware.

Even with the support of social media, in communities such as ours, the BEST way to learn about a new resource is word of mouth. Please consider telling your friends and neighbors about the information contained on www.AthensCommunityConnection.com. Let's get connected!!

This is a privately managed website and as such, we reserve the right to include only reputable organizations that appeal to the vast majority of our viewers and refuse inclusion of those organizations that may be deemed offensive to our guests.

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