• Anne Adams

There's No Escaping It

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Well, it's official. With our first days of temps over 100, we have officially entered into "Summer Mode." School is out, graduation over, and many of us are looking to escape the Texas heat by traveling cross country with our families to exotic beach destinations or cool mountain retreats.

Unfortunately for some, there just no escaping it.

While many of us enjoy the crisp coolness that air conditioning provides, quite a few Athenians simply can't afford the costs of running an air conditioning unit, and others are homeless and literally sweating it out on the streets.

Local non-profits are doing their best to meet the needs created by the summer heat, but all too often, summer vacations pull their volunteers away, creating an entirely different need - staffing.


Please take a look at the roster of non-profits listed on our website and reach out to the one(s) that speak to your heart. Make a difference in the life of someone who truly needs you this summer!!

This is a privately managed website and as such, we reserve the right to include only reputable organizations that appeal to the vast majority of our viewers and refuse inclusion of those organizations that may be deemed offensive to our guests.

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