• Marie Hickman

Our interest in the Library continues to GROW!!!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hopefully, you've noticed the many events that are being held at the Henderson County Clint W. Murchison Library during the next few months. Many are co-hosted by the Henderson County Master Gardeners group as part of the LEARN AT THE LIBRARY series.

Did you know however, that the Library currently offers a SEED LIBRARY? Farmers and home gardeners have been saving and sharing seeds with each other for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the tradition has been largely abandoned over the past 100 years. Here are a few reasons to start saving and sharing again:

  • To develop plant varieties that are uniquely adapted to our local climate and growing conditions

  • To increase agricultural biodiversity

  • To ensure the resilience of our food supply

  • To become more self-sufficient as individuals and a community

Interested gardeners are encouraged "check out" a packet of seeds and plant them in their gardens. After the harvest, consider allowing your new plants to "go to seed" and return some of those seeds to the Library to help sustain the Seed Library for other patrons. Donations will keep the collection sustainable, but borrowers are not required to return seed to the Library.

This is such a great idea!! Don't forget - before you plant, check out a "How To" book on the variety of plant you're going to grow. Better still, consider attending one of the seminars hosted by The Henderson County Master Gardeners.

The Henderson County Clint W. Murchison Library is YOUR source for information (and now seeds) to literally GROW and expand your world!!!

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